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Meeting Minutes - 4 Months Behind Again

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In March I requesting timely posting of meeting minute updates because it had been four months with no updates. Here it is September, and the minutes are four months behind AGAIN!


This unprofessional and sloppy behavior shows a lack of respect by the board members for those that elected them and depend on the monthly minutes to know what they are doing with our subdivision.


If the person responsible can't keep up with this small task, can another board member be assigned it?


Thank you.

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Sorry but we were only two months behind on the minutes. Sometimes it takes additonal time to get corrected approved minutes and that has been the problems for July and August. I just posted the July minutes and hope to have the August minutes available shortly. That will have us up to date. The September minutes won't be available until after they are approved at the October meeting. I only post the approved minutes.


I'd like to take the time to invite you to a meeting and you can see first hand what's going on. It'll also give you an opportunity to speak. 

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