Lakeside Heights Property Owners Association

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We're working on restarting the newsletter.  The plan is to distribute via e-mail.  To make sure we have your e-mail address correctly contact us at, all other inquires should be sent to



 Board of Directors election coming up, anyone interested in being on the ballot contact Laurissa Worley at 512-789-4906.



Annual meeting will be held Saturday, June 3rd at

10:00 am in Park II Pavilion

More information to be provided as plans proceed




WHEN:          April 4, 2023

TIME:             6:30 pm 

LOCATION:   2834 Williams Lakeshore Dr.

                       Kingsland, Tx  78639


Over grown lots.

Would somone be willing to cut the lawn  on coyote trail.   I fear for the rodents and snakes.  Thank you.  Marilyn   U more
Started: June 25th 2019Replies: 1


There is a kid in a red shirt on a skateboard going around the neighborhood today 12/31 throwing fireworks into yards. The child threw a firework at my dogs and was confronted and took off. I would... more
Started: December 31st 2021Replies: 0

1312 Elkhorn Trespassing

My name is Kristyn Grimes and I'm the new owner of 1312 Elkhorn. I do realize this home has been here for quite a while and it is the unique house on the block. The home is being renovated for my... more
Started: December 20th 2021Replies: 0

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