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New quarterly Newsletter Volume 1  Issue 2 is now on-line.  Go to Pages & Links - Documents & Pages under the headling NEWSLETTER.  


Movie in the Park - Watch for Future Family Entertainment to be announced.    Watch here and on the Events Calendar.


If you encounter loose aggressive dogs while out in the neighborhood; first protect yourself, video the animals behavior via cellphone, and report it to the Sheriff's Department/Animal Control at 325-247-5767.

We want to keep our neighborhood safe for walkers, cyclists, and cart riders.



This is an on-going problem at the 10 acres site.  If you see someone dumping debri or dead carcasses, get a picture of their vehicle and license plate number and turn it in to a member of the Board of Directors.  We're trying to get a handle on this type of nuisance.





TIME:             6:30 pm 

LOCATION:   2834 Williams Lakeshore Dr.

                       Kingsland, Tx  78639


POA Annual Meeting

Just wanted to thank everyone involved in the fish fry, especially to the ones that provided and cooked the fish and fries. Good job! more
Started: June 4th 2023Replies: 0

Over grown lots.

Would somone be willing to cut the lawn  on coyote trail.   I fear for the rodents and snakes.  Thank you.  Marilyn   U more
Started: June 25th 2019Replies: 1


There is a kid in a red shirt on a skateboard going around the neighborhood today 12/31 throwing fireworks into yards. The child threw a firework at my dogs and was confronted and took off. I would... more
Started: December 31st 2021Replies: 0

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