My name is Kristyn Grimes and I'm the new owner of 1312 Elkhorn. I do realize this home has been here for quite a while and it is the unique house on the block. The home is being renovated for my family and is down to the bare bones inside. With that being said, I have on camera more than a few neighbors taking it upon themselves to walk around the property for what I can only assume is out of plane curiosity, peeking in windows and trying door knobs. However, as the owner of the general contracting business that's performing the remodel, absolutely no one is allowed on the property who does not work for my company or the city or our POA. The insurance requirements are that I have to post no trespassing signs, although those appear to have been torn down at some point since my last visit in November 28th. This is the one and only notice that I will post as a warning. If you take it upon yourself to trespass onto my property and you get hurt we will not be held responsible. I can promise you we're doing a stellar job of remodeling Miss Abby's old family home and a general announcement will go out in the springtime for the open house where I'll make food for the whole neighborhood and everyone is invited. But again I need to stress that no one for any reason at all up to and including your pets, children, etc. are currently allowed on the property. The property is being remotely monitored by video and any trespassers will absolutely be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If you have any questions or concerns you're more than welcome to get in touch with the POA president or myself at Thank you.